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interactive installation, performance

The project conducted during the Continued learning in Art, Technology, Science & Society Program at OPEN ART 2020 Ionian University in collaboration with Stefania Sotiriadi. The concept is inspired by the Milgram experiment. In the Milgram experiment, participants/teachers were asked to press a series of switches, which activated the electric generator, thus causing an electric shock each time their student answered their questions incorrectly. They were constantly instructed by the doctor/authoritarian to continue increasing the intensity and therefore to harm their student whom they did not see. In fact, no bodily harm was inflicted on the student who pretended throughout the experiment.

How far could people who obey orders go if their actions hurt another person?

People's personalities could be radically altered when given a position of power. While freedom seems to be encouraged, we actually live in societies of control. Our every move is now recorded and those who we expect to protect us are the ones who threaten us. Can we envision a society in which respect for society as a whole transcends individuality?
The aim of the project is to create an interactive installation for multiple users and a performer. The performer takes the place of the Victim, representing in terms of society, the fellow human being who needs help because of the blows he receives from power. The other participants have the role of Perpetrator. From the terms of the interaction arise roles that face the dilemma of obeying the rules of the experiment or reacting to save the victim. The purpose of the project is to give participants the choice not to harm their fellow man.
Will they obey the terms of the experiment and the power and control roles that result from the interaction or will they react to save the victim?

Music: Through Stage One - Falling Asleep by Myroslava Kuts

Interactive Installation

The installation allows users to test the limits of the performer, through an interface that receives their input and translates it into output causing the performer to react kinetically. The performer is located in the centre of the installation, inside a translucent box, while the audience surrounds her outside of the box. There are 5 interface points consisting of displays, buttons and switches. Therefore, visitors receive instruction messages by the screen in order to control the performer. recorded and those who we expect to protect us are the ones who threaten us. Can we envision a society in which respect for society as a whole transcends individuality?
The performer is connected by a series of vertical chains (five in total) which pull in the direction defined by the interaction. Each rope is connected to a stepper motor and a different part of the body (head, elbows, knees). The performer is also connected with 5 vibrators in 5 different parts of her body (abdomen, shoulders and thighs). The perpetrator-participant has a scaled level of control. The more they interact and increase the intensity of the interaction, the more they “harm" the victim-performer. The performer of course does not really hurt but reacts to the scale of the stimuli with more or less intensity for the purposes of the experiment. The more visitors participate, the more control is turning the performer into a puppet. The sound and light of the installation are also adjusted to create an audiovisual environment that contributes to the participants' experience.