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interactive light installation

This installation was developed during one hackathon week between Korean ZER01NE residency programme and the HIVE#03 residents at thecamp.
In collaboration with: Mimi Jeong, Changyeob Ok, Jeongtae Gim, Yangachi
몸 mom: body (Korean)
Our body is in a constant journey. Within this journey, a body will encounter other bodies, as well as different places. Our body is always the starting point of this journey.
MOM-nt emphasizes on the body awareness through an interactive experience, installed on a number of consecutive gates, aiming to highlight the exact moment of encounter of different bodies, along their individual journey.
When a person passes through a gate, the installation activates a lighting performance, starting from the gate of the other side and travel through the gates until meeting each other.
What if two bodies start their journey from opposite directions? Then, when the encounter each other under a gate, the light performance of the gate change pattern in a way that makes the travelers interact and share the moment, through a sensory communication.
By placing this installation in different locations, we can create a co-existential link among people in multiple geographic locations. Our goal is to establish new communication channels among people who have never met before.