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interactive installation, machine learning

In collaboration with sociologist & sound designer Myroslava Kuts and interdisciplinary artist (Neuroscience) Jesús Tamez-Duque - INDI Ingeniería y Diseño .
‘ΜΟΡΦΗ’ (read like: morphē) is a greek term which means shape, idea, presence or form.
The platonic allegory of the cave inspired us to look inside the brain, through the prism of art, technology and neuroscience, and see the ‘shadows’ - the forms, that each individual creates. Our goal is to trigger participants to come in contact with their perception, discovering their own morphēs.
Our interactive installation depicts an interdisciplinary exploration that provides audience with the opportunity to familiarize with the brain functionality as well as the interconnection between the body and the mind. Alongside, we aim to open channels of discussion related to emerging technologies which dare to come in touch with the human-made norms of philosophy.
We utilize a neuroscientific method namely electroencephalogram (EEG) to record the electrical activity of the brain directly from the forehead, using MUSE tool. Real-time data are collected and transferred to the Touch Designer software that controls the audiovisuals. A machine learning algorithm, trained in Plato’s allegory generated a series of sentences - a computer-generated philosophical narration.
The documentation of the prototype conducted at thecamp in collaboration with the filmmaker Francesco Garbo and the vocals recorded by Jon C Flint.