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choreographic installation & 360°/VR video

The robot was designed and developed in collaboaration with Vinzenz Reinhardt.
Choreographer: Andre Kamienski - KAMIENSKI. / Performer: Abigail Attard Montalto
Cinematographer: Carmen Pellon
Tiresias is a blind seer from the Greek mythology, who has lived as a man and a woman
In pursuit of its identity, TIRESIAS, a non-anthropomorphic figure, develops a dynamic partnership with a human co-performer, avoiding dualities of the physical and the mechanical. TIRESIAS’ knowledge is reflected in sound-waves as an approach to materialise the machine’s perception. Acting as a contemporary prophet, TIRESIAS is trained on Twitter data, generating its own interpretations of the future.
We live in an era, in which we rely on technological systems. We trust the machines, follow their instructions, minimising our cognitive process. We need to be critical toward all “smart devices” we fill our lives with. TIRESIAS acts as a critique that lays the foundations for mutual coexistence with the more-than-human ecosystem. Living on a planet nurtured by technological acceleration, we need to address the reality in which communities, politics, culture and technology are interacting.
This project developed initially for my final major project during my MA Interaction Design Communication at London College of Communication. In this pdf you can find the documantation of the work.
This project developed after the research which was entitled "Alive Machines". You can find the research pdf and the critical context report here.


TIRESIAS was produced as a 360°/VR video for the exhibition TECHNOTRIBALISM on August 2020 by Athens Digital Art Festival Online and the Eugenidou Foundation. The film was made in collaboration with choreographer & performer Stella Dimitrakopoulou, the filmmaker Spiros Tsitsis, the video editors Aris Galinos and Anastasia Manou, the sound designer Myroslava Kuts, the machine learning developers Erick Ochoa & Jesus Tamez-Duque from the INDI Ingeniería y Diseño  and Irini Magina on the styling.