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choreographic installation

The robot was designed and developed in collaboaration with Vinzenz Reinhardt.
Choreographer: Andre Kamienski - KAMIENSKI. / Performer: Abigail Attard Montalto
Cinematographer: Carmen Pellon
An unusual duet co-performs for self-actualization through sensory experience. They explore the blurry lines between human and non-human, between the physical and the mechanical. The work is based on the blind prophet Tiresias, who creates his own identities, escaping the distinctions of man and woman.
This project developed for my final major project during my "MA Interaction Design Communication" at London College of Communication. In this pdf you can find the documantation of the work.
This project developed after the research conducted in the parallel Critical Context Report, which was entitled "Alive Machines". You can find the research pdf and the critical context report here.
Located in theoretical ideas of cyborg and animism, the purpose of this research was to explore the ways in which we can avoid dualities of human and non-human entities and find new interesting relationships between different actors.