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video and sculpture

"Deeper" is an artistic project that investigates the artifitial neural networks and the art that can be created by them.
This artwork created during the "MA Interaction Design Communication" for the Theories & Technologies of Interaction Design unit and it consisted of three parts.
In the first part of the brief, I had to investigate an invisible system that we interact with through technology. Here you can find my research that focuses on how an invisible network works, what its history is and especially why this exists.
Through the second part of the brief, the goal was to design a way to visualize the invisible system. Here you can find all the process of this aestheticization, that had as output a sculpture, like an open black box, which represents my machine in an abstract and metaphorical way.
Finally, in the third part, I had to develop a system that intervenes in the invisible system. The final outcome of my project is a sculpture which contains a memory stick with a video. The goal of this video is to inform people for some useful implementations of neural networks, like face and voice recognition, and at the same time to critisize the system, showing the negative impact that they have in people’s life, such as creating prejudice against black people, or creating fake porn. You can see the intervention process for further details.
You can also see the pdf of the whole research and implementation and watch the following video.