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video and sculpture

DEEPER investigates the artifitial neural networks, how these invisible networks work and especially why they exist. Here you can find my research on these systems.
Neural Networks are computing systems inspired by the biological neural networks. In this work they are physically interpreted by a black box where the visual information are connected with edges. The output of the system generated uning as an input the image of a black woman, and proccessing this image with the Deep Dream algorithm - created by Google. The output that generated made the woman look like a chimpanzee. Here you can find all the process of this aestheticization
Automated decision support systems trained by ethical biased datasets produce prejudiced results. Amazon’s recruiting engine downgraded female applicants. The face-tracking software on Hewlett-Packard's MediaSmart computer and the software used to predict future criminals were biased against black people. You can see the intervention process for further details.
This work criticize these current systems and their power in shaping the world, while at the same time engage the dialogue about the positive implications of technologies in the art field. You can also see the pdf of the whole research and implementation and watch the following video.