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choreographic installation

"Symbiosis" is a mutually beneficial relationship between different organisms.
What techniques can we use to create new forms of embodiment communication between organisms? Exploring the disparity of perception within the real and the virtual, this installation consists of three layers.
In the first layer, a body is trapped in a virtual world that the audience cannot perceive. The person disappears under the digital layer of the virtual self of this body, that is ultimately dependent, symbiotically, on the physical body. These bodies swing between oblivion and memory, experiencing an endless fusion between real and virtual. The audience is connected with this symbiotic organism through external tactile stimuli and is being questioned about what experience means to us.
The project developed for the “Physical Computing & Design Prototyping” unit during my "MA Interaction Design Communication". In this pdf and the implementation report you can find the documantation of the work.
This idea developed after the research conducted in the parallel unit Interaction “Futures & Speculative Design”, which was entitled “Reset of Perception & Construction of Experiences in the Digital Age”. You can find the research poster and the critical report of the research process here.
The purpose of the whole brief of the project called “Other Machines” was to research, speculate and build designs that challenge and question normal notions of what a machine is or could be. The background of this project originated from research in Platonic notions of subjectivity, the phenomenology of perception, the Experience machine theoretical framework, embodiment and disembodiment studies.


The interactive performance presented in the exhibition Extending Reality by the Athens Digital Art Festival at Eugenides Foundation.
Dance & Choreography - Zoi Mastrotheodorou
Sound Design - Myroslava Kuts

The performance took place at "Everything Happens So Much" for the London Design Festival 2018 at London College of Communication.
Choreographer: Andre Kamienski - KAMIENSKI. / Performer: Abigail Attard Montalto

SYMBIOSIS exhibited in "Ars Electronica" Festival – with the theme of "Error - The art of imperfection" on September 2018.